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I am very grateful that you found your way here. So What am I?


I am a Pure Possibility Entrepreneur supporting impact leaders, companies, and organizations strategic advice & expertise in Solving our climate challenges with financing, storytelling and matchmaking with global networks. 

I am focused on this because we only have one planet Earth. We need to change now and co-create a liveable and healthy society. What if we can create Impact Beyond Sustainability?


With guidance and expertise, it means I facilitate, match, identify customers, partners, projects, and find financing that supports your needs. I am born in the heart of the Nordics, in Sweden now living in London.


Customers, colleagues, & partners say; Lars is a specialist in Clean Energy Technology.  "He is a Rock Star of CleanTech in Northern Europe"


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Dr Gunter Pauli,
Founder ZERI and the Blue Economy

Lars is Energetic, focused, ready to go out-of-the-way, determined to get results and at the service of society in general and entrepreneurial and innovative companies in particular” “If you want to be inspired – get your emotions going while at the same time land your feet into a pragmatic world, then you need to indulge in the Green Solutions from Sweden and the Nordics Magazine founded by Lars in 2009″ 


Mark McGuffie, Managing director, Enterprise Honolulu, Hawaii

As a key presenter during The World Congress on Zero Emissions Initiatives – Launching “The Blue Economy” in September 2010, Lars Ling demonstrated his innovation of CleanTech Region Solutions before an international audience of entrepreneurs, innovators, financiers, private industry specialists and government officials. Lars is a great promoter of Green and Blue Economy solutions. Lars and I have been working together since as part of the founding group of the Blue Economy Alliance.