The FUTURE of food & oceans - Live from New York with Ragnsells

Our world has never been in a bigger need of a positive change and Impact of Sustainable solutions.

Live from New York - The Future of Safer Food Production and cleaner oceans with Pär Larshans CSO and @larslinden CEO Ragnsells Group.

Our world has never been in a bigger need of a positive change and Impact of Sustainable solutions.

New York and every city in the world has valuable resources that are not used. This seminar will present ways to stop wasting these resources!

Ragnsells is a World leading cleantech - climate solver company based in Sweden and the Nordics.

In this session - seminar will Pär Larshans CSO, Ragnsells share the Why we need to recover and recycle phosphorus, and how it will help with safer food production and cleaner oceans, please share.

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More info and Programme below, total time in the video: Total length 56.27 min. See individual time, so you can go direct to each presenter.

Welcome, Silve Parviainen, Director for Nordic Innovation House in New York. (Time in the video, start - 05.25 min)

Introduction to sessions, Lars Ling CEO & Founder CleanTech Region Impact Group and info New York Nordic Impact Week (March 2019). (Time in video 5.25 - 07.20 min) Lars Linden, CEO Ragnsells, why we are in New York! (Time in video 7.20 - 16.53 min)

Peter Fusaro, Founder Wall Street Green Summit about NYC market (Time in video 16.55 - 26.30 min)

Les Neumann, Founder IcanNYC (Time in video 26.35 - 30.51 min)

Pär Larshans CSO Ragnsells, Why Act for the Climate now, we have the technology! (Time in video 30.51 - 53.58 min)

Thank you and summary, Silve Parviainen and Lars Ling (Time in video 54.00 - 56.25 min)

More About host and participating companies:


Ragn-Sells AB

Nordic Innovation House:

Nordic Innovation House - New York

CleanTech Region Impact Group:

CleanTech Region

Peter Fusaro's Wallstreet Green Summit:

Peter Fusaro

ICAN New York:


Start North:

Start North

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