Almedalen 2018

CleanTech Region had a number of great events we participated in and the valuable meetings with professionals and companies like Ragnsells launching their Phosphorous solutions with LKAB, enjoy this interview, more updates to come.

Ragn-Sells and LKAB extract minerals from mining waste!

The environmental company Ragn-Sells launches a new collaboration with the state-owned mining company LKAB to begin extracting valuable minerals from mining waste. Through Ragn-Sell’s patented technology, both phosphorus and rare earth metals can be extracted. The project will begin in the autumn of 2018.

Listen to Pär Larshans and Jan Svard

Read full release

Great Live takeaways with Jakob Lagercrantz, founder of the 2030 Secretariat, from Almedalen 2018. Jakob Lagercrantz

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