Happy Holidays friends

Hi friends, it has been a marvelous challenging and rewarding 2019. As life should be someone would say. Or just as life is, someone else would say. And both or each individal are correct. We all have to deal with the cards we are dealt.

It is how we view those cards and actions we take that matter. Personally I really will lift my game for a change in 2020 of epic proportions, personally focused to fully affect my professional career as an Impact entrepreneur and eco-warrior.

So what is up the sleeve for 2020, many exciting things, like getting my move to London in order and settle in properly. To organise a proper launch of me and CleanTech Region Impact groups presence with HQ in London.

To launch several CleanTech Region Impact groups subsidiaries in at least 3 global locations, more to come and be launced on February 7-8th.

From me to you and families wherever you are, a very happy and flourishing healthy 2020!


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