IDG – Worlds largest media house acquires the Green Solutions from Sweden magazine

The Environmental News magasine and IDG, one of the worlds largest publishing group has recently acquired the Magasine Green Solutions from Sweden from Clean Tech Region. The magazine is written in English and target international decision-makers and investors in green technology.

– Green Solutions is a fantastically attractive and clever magasine that fills a vital role by both illuminate and examine the Swedish and Nordic environmental technology arena – to highlight and market Swedish environmental technology in the world, says Mikael Salo, editor of the magazine Environment News and editorial manager for IDG’s environmental and sustainable products.

More info Lars Ling, CleanTech Region +46 72 40 66 06 or

Arash Sangari, IDG, +46 8 453 60 84,

Link to full story IDG acquries Green Solutions from Sweden

Mikael Salo, Editor in Chief IDG, Environmental News and Lars Ling, CleanTech Region

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