See you at SLUSH

Cleantech Region Impact Group goes SLUSH!

This coming week I am going to the most functional city in the world, Helsinki for the cooler than ice start-up and investor event SLUSH

So, CleanTech Region is coming to Helsinki and SLUSH to meet curious badass-rockstars from the world and Co-create the FUTURE we want!


We are heading into the world’s largest business opportunity, a global paradigm shift. With exponential technologies, products & services, and new business models this is the time for an impact. 

We have only one planet. It is the key to address on an individual, community, organizational and corporate levels for new models, story & systemic change for the greatest potential we have now.

Hope that we can meet I would like to especially meet start-ups and companies who focuses on Smart functional city solutions, Circular Bioeconomy, Energy, Water and supporting it with the future of Education using exponential technologies like VR/XR/AI/5G.

Connect here so we can MEET at SLUSH 

w partners CleanTech Region Impact Group SLUSH19.001

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