Nordic FUTURE is co-creation days that change everything. Nordic FUTURE connects local entrepreneurs to global investors, innovation, and business communities. We are co-creating thriving futures with respected collaborators passionate about local development.  March 5-6th in Helsinki Finland.

Solving climate and societal challenges.

CleanTech Region Impact Group´s mission is to Solve our global climate & societal challenges with tech, education and financing for a positive impact on people, planet, and profit.

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Nordic Impact Week​

Join the Nordic Impact Entrepreneurs to San Francisco & Silicon Valley!

A weekly program at the world’s leading conference on Social Enterprise, Impact Investing and Innovation, October 12-23, 2020

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FUTURE of Education - Start North 


Today's educational system does not correspond to the challenges and working life of tomorrow

We aim to revolutionize the world of education by offering the education market reformed option, a new community Our goal is to modify the next generation learning to work flexibly and efficiently.

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Green Solutions Sharing Ideas Inspiring change 


Green Solutions magazine is sharing great examples of how we can solve our climate challenges, enjoy. 


To learn more about Green Solutions, how to get in contact send email to